Temporary Outcall Only

Unfortunately, but in the long run it’s best, I will be outcall only.


I will be relocating in Manhattan by September 1.

My location will be much improved. However my availability will be limited. Because I have to move so abruptly.

I was not expecting this. Once I’ve safely been extracted from where I am I can fill you in on exactly what occurred.

It is a personal, isolated incident. Had nothing to do with any clients, any one in my building. Nothing like that. It is 100% the product of a person I cannot allow myself to be in contact with.

This is not my first exclusive experience with a female whom has an unhealthy fixation on me. And I’m writing to you and honestly being open because you love me, you follow me for my honesty.

And I’ll never give you anything but.

All I can say for now. X