A very popular section, I was always surprised to see the response I got from so many readers, curious peekers, fans or random viewers to my …..ugh this word is rather pretentious…poetry

I have always been very talented writer and I decided to add this section on again not to be a show off, not to prove how profound i am or to even make any statement at all pertaining to some idea of ” hookers have hearts too…wahhh” lol.

i have a fan base on other forums. You may like my stuff. and finally…for selfish reasons. its my fucking site. so i will air out what i want how i want when i want. so


Prayer for Magdalene(woven with the spirit)

From the hands

Ungripped stones

Earth pulling back

The rocks back to home

The aroma

Of his stench

The woman

Being stoned….

I asked God once

I do not know your will for me

But I go on such as I go on and do going and doing

Painted red

Every door I walk into

Oozing sex from my pores

My spores saying thank you

The more I give

The more i step away


The more I.give

I.step away


Maybe they step away…
Praised for face and for grace and four beauties

I’m a lady who shares herself my duties

Include rolling in the hay

Hey hey baby

Strolling AND striking stolen moments I’m hiking up skirts

And skirting issues rarely hurting

And not know your will for me

But I.go on so eagerly

I.pray and I celebrate the light seeing colors

And feeling the sight of the mighty irony

The joke is on me

I live opposites

Only way to be

Once a Tori girl

Yet mommy is playboy

(If this makes any sense than you’re

Lying. )

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