Today is January 12 20 20 I thought it was still the 10th I think and I do top 5 top tens sometimes leave it or not people actually play in my opinion cuz it’s fact and I don’t even have to say this right I said it because I could actually give you references if you really needed me to but I wouldn’t get them because it’s already fact lol I’m only laughing to make you feel comfortable anyhow your paragraph so today is me giving you a few things that is what I like to call interesting click the pics and you’ll get the soundtrack today that I want you to hear that represent me for you…

Keep in mind the first song to me the first song is not about a girl named Sarah it’s about because my birth name rhymes with it and because of the fact that Stevie nicks when she wrote Rhiannon she liked the name so don’t put a lot of stock names of songs I identified with the melody the song for that one particular one…




I was this a few years ago… Still am…mmmm

Maybe I’m feeling someone today but maybe I’m also feeling as though somebody wrote a song about me that means nothing never know the means everything in the music…



I am extraordinary strict about modern music but you will see me real come up a few times probably because of the fact that I really love my vdecade of the 80s in NuWave it is my generation and I love Melody so therefore you will see only very and we’re talkin 3 bands that came out since Radiohead LOL that’s pretty much when I stop listening to anything modern so there’s something about this band that I like a lot click the pic and you’ll see




I HAVE COVERED THIS SONG. IT’S NOT A MORE mainstream replacement song but it’s a mystery muddled piece. it’s amazing that it’s still reigning so true I think it says so much about me I mean to know me is to know that I don’t like to text I think if you’re old enough to remember answering machines how would you tell an answering machine you’re pregnant how do you buy a car over and answering machine click the picture above and maybe one day I’ll show you how I cover this song….. And by the way this is the song that represents loneliness




You know what cocaine is so pointless it’s not even funny if you had pure you would get it but it’s such it’s such a shity drug I mean it and I have ADD so we’re talking about me as a person I’m 41 who hit final stage of alcoholism and 500 / 500 de Adela yesterday over an 8-ball okay a day by the time I was 26 and and I still can’t relapse but I try to occasionally and I and I and I can’t but this song is pretty fun isn’t it LOL well you know what this song is absolutely nothing to do with addiction or anything like that it’s just that I think that that is very funny about human nature



If I made your mixtape back in the day I guarantee that this song would be on it I love this it was my first Sonic youth album it’s called dirty but this one is special I mean in so many ways please vibe and imbibe….

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