Menroe Lady: MARYDETH

Welcome to the Premier of my first Menroe Lady….Lady Marydeth.

The Menroe Ladies are hand picked by me and mentored by me. There will be 30.

Lady Marydeth has been chosen for her bravery, caliber, potential, honesty, virtues and sexiness in ways that I see beyond her looks.

Is she ordinary?

Far from it. At 25 this Lady is discovering truthfully a new side to herself: the dominant woman in her.

I want you to discover with her as she grows into her profession. I choose Lady Marydeth because I myself grew into my career at different times…..AND THIS IS THE TIME TO SEE A GIRL.

My young lady in red…. In getting to know Marydeth we have a tight, strong, positive energy. We will sit. Be talking about nothing, something, anything…. And influx. An influx is a rush of calls or texts from potential clients or regular clientele. Lol. We don’t even advert. And vroooom … just comes in. We credit this to an equality of the “light”.

The Light is a literally A Precious Thing.

It’s something few girls can completely encompass in this industry. Its this feeling of wanting good to come from anything and everything you do …especially in this business. It’s the currency in a bankrupt industry full of fake, lying, protruding imposters selling what others have had to witness the other face of who they are. And it’s not an anger or a fucked up negativity.

It’s a disappointment. It’s disappointing to think you find a real person out there. Only to find out she’s another self deprecating brat calling my clients “tricks.

Menroe Ladies have facets…mystery. Not two faces.

Marydeth can have two faces only if that’s what you need provided lol!

There have been women known to do keep shows simply sitting and reading books.

They sell out shows, men crush and crowd like a mosh pit! Asking “what are you reading?” ” read aloud!”

She proclaims “shhhh .” And occasionally reads. Not erotica. The rules of order. Pick the most boring text. This is what she reads.

Yet once a week she sells out. While the other girls wearing thongs , stripping WONDER WHY they get no attention.

Sexy is everywhere. I was named Monroe. Because I ooze sex out of my pores. It drips out my voice like honey. And right now …. As I’m talking….. You’re turned on….

And even more so because Lady Marydeth I’ve donned in my favour. And this piques your interest.

Imagine the two of us together?

Below her new ones welcome

Above my infamous girls

Contact Lady Monroe for sessions with Lady Marydeth.

2 girl ……90 min minimum.