I Need Help

I honestly have tried this and it never worked.

But I’m gonna try again.

I haven’t been having sessions. It seems every appt I make is a no show.

August is a really Hard time and I’m really struggling.

I truly need food. And I need to buy my regular medication and do my laundry.

Most of my clients are married , newbies, and on vacation. I mean everyone.

My father is threatening to take my apt away.

And I can’t find the person who is supposed to secure my rent by November.

I’m desperately in need of help.

Please write me or text me and I will give you my pay pal link. It’s a biz account and discreet.


Or 917 808 7185

You don’t have to talk to me. I understand many of you are shy.

In return I’ll give a personal gift.

Please. Thank you.