I have a great talent for haiku. You’ll notice I adhere to the strict 5,7,5 syllables format. Enjoy. NOTE : newest you will always find at the top and separated by a line between the older ones.

On my bed, naked

A line blurred: fatigue, impulse

5:08 AM


It was always Brooke

Heart pulled….my ears being pulled

Christmas carols 




“For David…”

Replies to questions

Given freely yet David

Collects currency


New song, Country Twangs

Cloud Riding to the day she

Silver lines her keys

I Covet Covet

Diamonds, Cash I trade to be

Fashion forward, aptly

  • the above haiku actually is funny but only if explained.. Covet is the highly coveted game on android in which you are doing projects with your fashion house and obtaining high scores if you have the talent. its like paper-dolls but pix-elated..and with real designer clothes. the last line from Fashion Foward is a pun. being a choice app for women who are succesful and can afford it… i am being satirical, sarcastic and honest lol. For it is an APT APP.

My father came to me

not face to face but present

so i left my head

Summer stocked Sweat sock

bleeding the hot tears monsoon

a heated horror………………………………….605761348


It’s not full its half

Really tired of the glass 

Sick of the whole me

Cherry stuck inside

An Apple pie a sinner

Seeds and pits the vice

His surely cocked mane

Match his ca ca cock disdain

Exile in street main

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