Facebook&Apps Blocked Person Read Here


I’m Monroe. And you have been banned from my Facebook account.

You’re here because this is the appropriate place for you to go.

Please contact me only if you’re interested in buying pictures, having a Skype show or whatever app you have that you can see me I’m sure you are from another country. I will get to this. I also offer text with pics and phone with pics sessions.

I can do this by what’s app.

Hi also to the what’s app solicitors. Don’t you dare think about video calling me again.

When all of you video call me you are violating my private life. I have no idea who you are.

Sending me pictures of porn or yourself naked is a crime. It’s called indecent exposure. And I’m a lady. Please don’t do this. I don’t want to hear you love me. No. That scares me more.

I have thought a lot about you. Particularly my Indian, Pakistani, bangledesh, general Middle East and African and near east friends.

I like you. You are a good people and I welcome you to my country with total open arms. You are smart people that only lend to this country and have great manners and are of great value with intelligence and many talents.

But you lose these qualities behind the smokescreen of Facebook and what’s app. And other silly places that lend international connecting.

You are gentlemen. And fans. And have no right to solicit such friend requests. Some of you use female pics. Knowing the ignorance of American people’s Knowledge on your names?

I am working toward finding an English speaking person in the mid East who is confident of your various economic stats. And is computer savvy. And if your reading this and  think that’s you especially if you’re in NYC please contact me at themackiecompany@gmail.com the subject line put MID EAST SPECIALIST.

I’d like to build a site that is membership based for you.

But I’m not yet there.

Until then please let me be on social media. And please do not treat my personal info like it’s candy. The people that contact me base this off the honor system.

I trust them to contact me and there is the understanding that they are not gonna do anything like send me pictures that are rude, nor ask me on inappropriate personal matters I’m not here for that.

I am in a business for personal things. But not to be your girl friend. I have a life. It’s highly appreciated that you find me for boundary based services that are legal.

Please and thank you. X