Disclaimer & Legal Information


For legal purposes this blog and all of its content is for entertainment purposes only.

Anything you read if it sounds similar to something in real life is purely coincidental.

Please treat the site as a responsible adult.

In addition i myself am not affiliated with law enforcement nor have i ever worked with the police outside reporting minors or people claiming to be involved with minors.

Thank you.

In addition it’s important to note: this site was revived BY POPULAR DEMAND. POST “the pink courtesan ” the original site from 8 years ago, (btw IT’S STILL OUT THERE ..HAAAAA) I reopened this site after getting hundreds of emails from men whom were not client’s, but fans.

But keep this site going. Will rerelease the original soon.

Note on the importance of what I.do

I’m well known for being a long time advocate and citizen whom sex workers have turned to when in trouble .I’m finally going public: if you are in deep or find yourself with a Pimp, in a situation with or sense danger, something doesn’t feel quite right TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. PLEASE GRAB YOUR PHONE AND CAREFULLY, SAFELY TEXT ME. 917 808 7185

in this event there are certain things I can do have done for 1 6 years that can’t always be done (meaning thinking creatively, out of the box) to extract you from this situation . Sometimes we can work.simultaneously with proper channels as I extract you. But rescue groups can’t get you or have red tape.

Please ….Be safe when you do this. Be mindful of where the individuals are. Be sure you can answer questions clearly. I will need to know very fast what is going on.

But at the same time, you’re the bravest girls I’ve ever met. And we will get these guys once you’re safe. The Light is here.X



I received a call a month ago. She says “are you the one who gets girl’s out?” I said yes.

But she didn’t trust me. I told her to walk out. She was committed to staying out of fear until he went away.

He didn’t. She got caught. Beaten. And after 4 weeks.

I’ve never talked to her again.

Ladies your pimps are stupid. I can protect you. They will not find you. And if they do I have set you up in enough places that your very safe.

Walk out. Come to me. He’ll get over it. Youre his possession. But there’s another right around the corner.

You are smarter. He may have fists. You have a brain. Listen to me. I’ve dealt with these idiots. They’re dumb. Walk out or you’ll end up like her.

Find me.

stop human trafficking on the internet!

The following logo a few Critics felt it didn’t reach them




The best things and education is from the best


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