Contact Me

Please contact me I keep my services discrete and do not list rates. As per my disclaimer. 

But in this form I would like you to feel you can be as open as you want.

Please know my direct number is quite importantly spam filtered so if you experience trouble getting thru I have an alternative line. And my direct email is this  unfortunately fall into an email updates box which will not alert me.

So if you want to know this email it’s

My business line is 917-808-7185

I promise you I will encourage speaking. Although being prompted by text is best. Vm is rarely checked. Lol

So why do I have a contact form?

Formalities. Lol. Professionalism.

But my theme is I want you to win.

So I will always fully how best to reach me.

I pride myself on letting you know and striving to never miss a call.

I don’t want to lose and more importantly have you lose that chance to meet me. Or correspond with me.

You do not have to be in NYC to have an arrangement with me…

I’m available mostly Thursday to Monday or Wed to Sunday.

But always check. I may surprise you.