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imaMISSIONARY (@mansfieldvalley) Tweeted: To all the girls whom do not negotiate in a business that in which you did you would actually make exponentially more money : providing , here’s to my hedge fund owner wth 2500 a month that saw me for 7 min. Wanna rethink your obtuse policies? Lol #businessconsulting

A Libel and Slanderous SERIOUS Publication

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of talking to two morons. But I was shocked they didn’t listen to my warnings. I looked to get ahead of this after all my kings. You are leaders. And you don’t read ridiculous pages on reviews. But this is serious. I was harassed the other morning by aContinue reading “A Libel and Slanderous SERIOUS Publication”

The Announcement of Menroe’s Metamorphosis

As much as maybe those of you had liked the Once known as Menroe Ladies … I am now renaming this sect of course of action where I do not promote any sort of selling of services of any others.  It is the guidance , mentoring and now I’m opening my advocacy of I stressContinue reading “The Announcement of Menroe’s Metamorphosis”