A Libel and Slanderous SERIOUS Publication

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of talking to two morons.

But I was shocked they didn’t listen to my warnings. I looked to get ahead of this after all my kings. You are leaders. And you don’t read ridiculous pages on reviews. But this is serious.

I was harassed the other morning by a gent wanting to ,,,demanding to see me. I am public that i am agoraphic and a woman that puts my dear people in need in front of my needs, it makes my personal needs hard to tend to.

I got out and you’ll be happy to know last wed I went to tend to my errands. I struggled. I did need a cab to take me a few blocks between one to the next. But I accomplished things.

Sadly this man wouldn’t back down. During my morning I ignored his calls. They converted to texts like all of you I expected a warm reply. Good for you Monroe. I’ll be patient.

Because I confessed to him. It was so hard to say no. I even offered 25 off , I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO OFFER A DISCOUNT!

He persisted. I had to look.

” what you need is to give me that discount and the dick of your life , now had the time you see me bitch ”

Clearly this guy read my soul. And knew how the ladies swing.

I replied ,,,, you wouldn’t know the way to get me going if you had the map . the key and I told you. And that discount? FUCK off. I’ll be here never. You are child and the men I see. The fans I have are 10 feet tall and the gentlemen you’ll aspire to be your whole life. Good day and good luck.

He kept writing very unintuitive statements about me. I’m assuming. I don’t get baited. When things are so stupid they’re not about you. I think I just said you cant hurt me. Please move on.

Around 330pm. Now this is critical ,,, this is A guy that had to be spending his hours looming over my pics. Looking for something. This is obsessive. This is a troubled inwardly needing to outwardly punish a person for something.

Do you all know me to lie? What about the undeniably amazing capacity for me to be thorough? How about my education? I am also in a harmony with my poor health. Where am I stoutly encouraging to other girls?

With preventative meds. I went on courses of prep( truvada) tho I’m totally low risk for 1.5 years and I was able to educate so many women on this. I later went off during the crisis as many Aids patients faced when insurance companies in the beginning of the year like medicare expect you to meet a point called CATASTROPHIC COVERAGE.

My copay was 600. The drug is 2000. As a prep . meaning I don’t have the virus I got lucky , people with it were EXPECTED to upwards of 1000. There is a pharmaceutical war. CVS Caremark is a corruption. Carrying 9 BRAND MEDS.

I fell victim of the infamous Caremark ADHD triad. That began with the early corrupt mallinkrot.

The most ineffective generic drug began with novartis brand RITALIN sr. They made one. It was awful it is today banned. And the name changed.

Then concerta. There is only one generic that’s chemically akin to the original can you guess how often it’s stocked?

Then shire the makers of adderall. Sued many companies. Argue all you want I think it’s because the EFFECTIVENESS OF THE XR.

A year ago I walked into CVS. I have Medicare. I’m disabled. The single issue is part d. The prescription part. I am trapped. I can never get off it

They like to surprise you. I showed up. Unprecedented. YOU HAVE MET THE GENERIC QUOTA. YOU MUST TAKE BRAND.

Wtf? This corruption made me pay close to 500 out of pocket. Ask me if I’ll meet catrosphic now that I’ll never let that happen by not letting my part d pay my generic?

As you can see you are talking to an astute and well informed woman.

At a little after 330pm I got a moronic question from this idiot. He was questioning my redness at the corners of my mouth. Both totally symmetrical btw which is indeed a miracle of science if it was the insuation we all know what’s coming ,,,, I think we all know if you don’t read the next passage to find out my theories on any argument.

Hoccams or occams Razer. The simplest explaination must be the true one. And Newton’s law of reactions.

I’m kicking myself why I didn’t assume this was TROGLODYTE because he was. And the simplest answer is : my doctors know and many know I have taken to pure red Shiraz. A bottle a few times a week I have found my life long palpitations gone. Theyve plagued me since birth. You know wine mouth? It stains the corners of the mouth. So simple.

I chose to give him the far more advanced and interesting explanation. That really shows I have nothing to hide. In fact I’ve spoken about this to lots of men.

1. I do not have any major stds. Oddly enough I’ve never contracted an std in my 21 years as a companion. Legally.

2. H P V as I am 41 I contracted before I was in the biz. As my younger sister did. I was born in 1978. I was “lucky” my carrier passed me the outside breakout. As we know there is one break out. It is never returning.

3. My sister was a 1981 baby. By the time her carrier passed it it had mutated to the internal vaginal walls to the cervix. My sister was a victim of the cervical cancer scare. It was painful. Scary.

4. My older sister born in 1975 is no carrier. But lost her virginity to a man she believed shed marry. Until she dropped to the floor one day. Barely could reach the phone to call 911. No idea. She was infected with Chlymidia.

You see it has to be caught early. That conniving Cheater lied. She had perm damage. Later to effect the ability to have more than 2 kids. She wanted twins. After the 2. After my neph and niece she got pregnant. Waited 3 MOS. Made the announcement.

She lost the baby.

She’s married and my nephew and niece are awesome.

5. I was misdiagnosed with herpes 2 over 15 years ago. It didn’t make sense. My husband didn’t get it. No lover got it. So they labeled me ASYMPTOTIC.

I had so many docs to scare me that I can pass it. I’d never breaken out. I couldn’t shake the theory on false positives.


But,,,, I did experience extreme stress. My period reached a point I only got one day a month. An indication of marked bodily stress.

So now in 17 years no genital breakouts and no passing.

I discussed with my mother.

In my native American side false positives are rampant. In fact my mother a virgin til 19 was testing positive since birth.

A schatightochoke tradition. I told her about my cold sore in 6th grade. And as a doctor she said the two strains are not the same. And most people have 1. Latent delayed or doormant or one cold sore. But this is like pink eye causing bronchitis.

I said well I’ll guess I’ll try the treatment.

Acyclovir ,,, at the time seemed more effective for this strange side effective I had.

My doctor says. Monroe you know your body.

I would say honestly I think those redness is a product of vitamin deficiency irritated by latex.

He’d say. Totally on the money.

But,,,, when Valtrex came out. At this point I switched. Acyclovir is taken 5 to 7 a day. Valtrx once.

We wanted to figure out what’s up. Little did I know Dr. Accurso was testing a theory.

The redness came and went.

But if I ran out of valtrex I SWEAR I FELT LIKE IB WAS GETTING COLD SORES!!!!

I went into my labs. I had my mouth SWABBED. My vagina. All.


A. No genital herpes

B. No oral.

C. The inflammation? Dermatitis. Aka irritation,,,,from common friction or latex?

I said get me off valtrex. But Medicare will not cover my dermatise topical.

It turns out ivam not the only one who gets this side effect from valtrex.

It’s an anomaly.

So this reply from the moron?

So you have herpes

No sir I believe in have given you an account on a peculiar account on preventive drugs.

This man chose to publicly write me up as a liar.

Serious? Yes. Lawsuit serious.

Bad enough a second idiot perpetuating this contacts me.

My question

Wth would I do to go thru that trouble to lie?

So I want to know


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