The Announcement of Menroe’s Metamorphosis

As much as maybe those of you had liked the Once known as Menroe Ladies …

I am now renaming this sect of course of action where I do not promote any sort of selling of services of any others. 

It is the guidance , mentoring and now I’m opening my advocacy of I stress BUSINESS CONSULTING …

TO ..,


I am very interested in expanding the idea to both sexes. And I HAVE LONG DREAMED TO SEE AN EQUAL PART OF MEN. *

Just yet to find them.

Please * see * this* before you start calling me and trying to tell me you’re perfect. Puhlease.

However , and I will be eliminating from this site … Anything that had to do with


W_______er. And the one person who has long kept herself a secret in the industry:

DARIELLA MATEO. do not go to Facebook to hunt her down. Curious? Well if bait & switch, getting drugged , anything that you want to be true that is completely deceitful
Is your thing. And you maybe like …. IDK to be robbed? Blackmailed? Extorted.

I have her #. Don’t worry. But you’ll never find her on the net. People like this I ALWAYS SAY LOL

What is it? I’ve never changed my name

This is her hobby.

I want to only say this at this time.

I will be writing about the two people that I have paid their way, given my life, friendship, my all to.

And in a page what happened to me. From the 3rd to the 7th.

As a result… For being such a torturous of person I guess that’s what I get for trying to instill responsibility and friends responsibility also as a mentor accountability in selling serenity a sense of self trying to help them see that they have to have a sense of self inside of their industry as well as their families as well Lester industry hand and all their affairs including their home lies and also for you practice you live working play

And the result is I guess I owe them clearly I’m being sarcastic But I never cried more than I have since I took the season on and I allowed that succubus back in my life

I swear since I was a little girl I always thought it was like the movies you went through one thing you learned from it or you did not learn because it was so tragic. It turns out that’s not really how it works I have been through so many things and it just doesn’t stop I learned a long time ago that whatever is going on upstairs it’s not teaching me lessons are testing me anymore I don’t really know what the fuck is going on I wanted to stop I want this to stop

I’m lonely I lost my best friend I lost her too I’m not quite sure what not mean not to say business all I know is I’m glad she’s out

I had no idea why she’s hot she should just come back in

This is my blog this is my site this is my truth And I swear if I get one more call about her… See that’s the thing with me It was so hard to help her except my clients they’re not going to talk about anything I tell them maybe now you got an idea

And with the other one I work very hard to get my clientele and if I have a girl swapping by Doris step drunk and suicidal I will take her on a call and I’m created enough to tell them well she’s going to sit there like a bump on the log I’m still better. But how would you think she would turn all the money that she had to put through her account because yours wasn’t working The worst can happen she decided that she would justify every sent with what I owed her?

And I knew that would happen because I don’t know her anything but she would do that cuz she’s greedy and because I don’t owe her anything

0 Time that I didn’t cry in the last 20 minutes I’m not about to start again I’d like to work tonight I’d like to be cheered up I’m hoping someone will be this and you know that once again my clients are my solids and I really miss you guys I couldn’t even work for a week over this not cuz I’m emotional But because they put me in danger



How I felt this past week.

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