The truth about wynter

You guys , over the summer , she started join my calls and she was just great. We fought a little. But I discovered she was a little entitled.

This is my 10 years bff. Between then and next time. She became Obsessed with making money. I said I’d help her.

At the same time she was diagnosed with Asperger’s and autism.

I am telling you. A different person was here when she showed up. She was like a child. I’m not even ready to talk about this.

You know why no one sees her? Cuz she has a dumb fit and weird excuse out of no where.

I ruined it.


It’s just ruined.

You know why I’m taking all the calls? Cuz if she thinks she sounded off she’ll hang up.

Now she acts like she has those 2 DIAGNOSIS. But she didn’t act like this before.

I feel like i lost her

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