Why did I just pay for a membership on okc.

Omggggg I’m so lonely it’s pathetic. And yes lol it backfired big time. I called my fave sub. My sweet one , is just ideal. He’s actually only by phone. I wish he lived here. He’s such a good listener.

If I basically take my dumb texting and probs to my subs I don’t to my master.

Then again shouldn’t my bf be a person that should listen? He has a strong issue with me getting into his head. Only I’m never getting into his head. Lol. Who the fuck doesn’t fuck a woman who is famous for being desired ? I mean literally I thought maybe he was leading a double like life. At one point.

He says . You just can’t believe it’s you that is the problem. I’m like no I actually can’t.

Not when you say you went to military school but at least you’re not a fanatic like blowing up things like McVeigh.

Is it me or do you think the bar is a little far from sane on that one?

Don’t we want to be like … Not competing with psychos??

Ughhh if only he wasn’t such a dick. And so dumb. We see are just a much ado about nothing. If he fucked me we wouldn’t be having issues.

We have issues vis a vis I don’t get fucked.

My fucking life is pathetic , lonely and sucks. I reconnected with my French guy omg he’s so cute.

I think we should work together….

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Shhh.I'm in NYC

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