And this is my man

You want to know what it’s like having the worst Asshole BF?

Lol this is some deprivation thing he’s doing.

And I’m actually just checking in to see if he’s coming. But not a word for 2 hours. Do I decide to have a talk ?

Yup. I talk to him about things not being fun. Out those nowhere he interrupted says see this is what’s wrong with you You control everything and talk too much

well when you don’t communicate with people and say oh yeah sure I’ll be by later or I don’t know shut the fuck up bitch Don’t talk which I asked him to do as like a master thing Just tell me to shut up and I won’t talk so that I can get fucked what the fuck is wrong with that right man

So yep my boyfriend never ever wants to be written about well yeah I’m going to fucking punish this is this shit I’m fucking dealing with and yeah sorry guys the problem is he’s pretty fucking great in bed nobody can top him and so don’t really know what to do

Pics I am sending. I know I’m a dish.

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