A Policy

Right now I’m trying to hold together my home.

In this case I am going to require a total collection in missed appointments.

Thru December.

Do not make an appointment without a reschedule in 3days or sending the full amount in total til Dec 31st


Because I’m in this situation now for all the no shows.

If you want me to not be on the streets and your wives whom can’t satisfy you or all the times I am ready and here for you any time any day fast….

Please stop. And help.

My very life is at stake.

I cannot even move.

I have dreams. I have goals. I have been robbed of them.

Been there for you.

Help me help you

Please honor my needs.

I have dedicated myself to your discretion.

This is how you’ll pay me back.

And the worst part is.

Is what’s your supposed to do in the first place.


For 3 Mos. I must stay stable.

I have to make 4000 in 40 days. Please.

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