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The Boyfriend Clan

So I’ll never really understand this one genre or percentage of boys yes boys I get that are invested in my personal life.

This clan I call the boyfriend clan. See they’re made of parts. There’s a section of ones that seem to need to know if I have one. And then before answering give me a speech … On how they will not see me. Because if they were MY BOYFRIEND they wouldn’t HAVE THAT ….

Well that just reeks of lack of boundaries and I guess I can’t tell them anything. It’s a trap.

Then theres the …. I’m in love with you s.

Sir you don’t know me. I’m good.


Pardon me? I have to laugh . For myself? Would you try listening to me?

These guys usually don’t get it.

There’s the group that love telling me how good looking they are. Little do they know most of you are very attractive.

And I’m hot as hell. Can I get a mil?

I’ve been a stout bachelorette for too long. I can tell you now every client I’ve dated we had sessions first. I mean really … It’s just polite.

As you age you can’t risk the business. You’ve been around the block. You can’t waste your time wth a jerk that won’t call. Trust me. I tried.

No. Any regular who knows me. Knows I swore it off. My girlish notions of romance and finding that partner.

I mean rationally. Logically. Of sane mind.

Until my secret favorite reg almost walked. After 4 years.

Baby don’t go.

I won’t. I’ll come now.

Come now.

I’m coming.

Happily ever after? No. But it’s nice to feel good. And it’s unplanned. And never predictable. It’s imperfectly perfect. It’s accidentally on purpose. Possibly maybe undoubtedly certain.

It works. And it’s none of anyone’s business why. Or how. It only matters that he accepts me. As I accept all of you.

And frankly he and I are none of your business.

I am.

My writing is.

But the rest is moot.

So I’ll never really understand these men that have an opinion on whom I’m involved wth.

Be happy. For me.

At least I have a person that accepts I accept you…

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