I sit here and relive the constant barrage of things sw’s hate the most.

I’m gonna make it easy on you. I’ll tell you. What’s up.

1. We create sites in order to not send pics. Imagine our picture albums. Most of us. Never get the time to organise them. This is an all consuming job* and the irony is the asking of pics gets us worked up.

2. Can we talk logic? Pumps are advising you not to talk to them. If a girl wafts to speak. TALK TO HER. on the not of pics. I don’t mean to shoot myself in the foot because I’m infamous for having the must see most accurate selfie I’ll take before i leave. To see you

But what does a pic from A phone prove? For copyright reasons I can only publish this as an expose

But escort-ads posted this pic and I recorded l exposed them:

Without the writing. I’m sure many of you were sent that pic from a phone. How’s this

I just took that pic. No edits. No nothing. I woke up an hour ago.

Nothing more beautiful than a woman in her natural state.

3. Yesterday I had a guy call me and when I gave my prices fur what he required he replied: no. Not unless your a porn star.


Let’s get the facts straight.

A. Currently there’s no money in porn. There is in fetish. So porn stars aren’t sex workers they’re actors. SO I’LL TELL YOU what. You want an actress, a machine. Someone who fakes it …. Fyi I got you your girl and she’s gonna overcharge the shit out of you.

Hmmmm not really adding up is it.

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