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I rarely share my personal life, nor blog the way I used to.

However I’m seeing this catastrophe happening in the industry as not an opportunity to bare all. That’s too cliche.

Almost as a … Well, bear caught in the trap. Chewing her ankle as she talks about life, business, herself, amps up her site, and risks it all…

After all. I’ve tried so many directions. Simple, basic ways that work in reality.

And ” human kindness is overflowing…. But I think it’s gonna rain today.

Lonely. So, lonely.

Tin can at my feet

I think

I’ll kick it down the street

That’s the way TO TREAT A FRIEND….

Bright b4 me.

The signs implore me


Human kindness…



I think it’s gonna



– best sung by Nina Simone

Written by Randy Newman.

nina sings this song

So I lost my other account on quora but the other night I opened another and grew in popularity. Not follows. That’s not my bag baby. I like to see the response to my answers. As times go by I’ll connect, recollect all the sites I contribute to… Mentorship, poetry, Tori Amos, music, sexpert, collecting. Lol.

But I’ve decided I will be putting the business notes, action, and plans on a site I’ve been prepping for a while.

It has the word“Source “ in it. All I’ll tell you. And I’ve not put one thing in it yet.

The future of paying?

12th of July is the big day – models can start selling their digital content on ❤️

The future of paying?

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So this is my new official SWITTER profile. Please please please go follow me! Support me. Stop it with the back page copy cats.

Love this

If a day without laughter is a wasted day (C. Chaplin), and a day without orange juice is a day without sunshine (A. Bryant), then what the fuck is a day without sex??