NEW! Unedited Pics &Points well made

Here is a series of pics, my most recent ones .

Here’s the catch they’re unedited, not touched up, not even cropped .

So forgive the rough drafts but what am I famous for? The truth .

So why not just give you some reality that is incredible but true!!!!!!!

And some more random unedited. Notice ….if they look familiar they may be .I want you to appreciate the effort I put in to staying true to my likeness. When I edit its NEVER TO ALTER OR LIE .

So I just let you in on the process of taking pics. You do a bunch .I choose the one’s that as an artist I find pleasing and will be fun to play with .

There is a freedom in being truthful .it is the currency in a bankrupt industry designed to insult you or deceive you.

My family knows what I do. Now that’s a whole article in itself .they point is: I’m free

I know my father,a distinguished , powerful man but upon finding out(btw no father should know you do this but long story he was sent a lot of information via a stalker ) he did not open the attachments, click on the ads, go to my site…etc .he is a gentleman .

I indulge no details nor discuss in any nature specifically weary I’m doing .But it’s freedom to be able to simply state I have a client or a shoot if applicable to the conversation and know …this is my father .But he’s a gentleman .

My mother is a doctor .so occasionally I divulge details .But that’s not the word to use….if I need to talk I strip it down .and thank God even I get the occasional crazy who threatens me or accuses me or something that is greatly misinformed ….this is hard to explain lol .she knows my health back and forth also .she’s my proxy.

My oldest sister always knew. From the beginning I needed to as all healthy girls in the biz should, tell at least one immediate family member if  in the adult industry . The reasons…for another time .

Why did I even write this or what prompted me to create this entry?

2 reasons:

This is what it is to truly put yourself out there .it comes in pieces .feel free to comment .tell me how you feel ….if you feel respected, fascinated, relieved etc . You’re smart and you got it . Feeling a pull toward me even now or more, turned on, etc you’re awesome



I don’t fucking know .lol


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