Making Sunshine…

What a month this is.

The bowels of winter. The seasonal bong resin. The ides of March.

I truly believe we all have it tough in March. It seems some minor or major significantly bad thing haunts us….

Why am I down? Why can’t I get it up? Why is everything getting to me?

Ohhhhh. It’s March.

Reflecting on this I realized that amongst the above cons I’ve said…it seems March is a, month that we associate far too much with April. And well April…ugh. Fuhgetta bout it…it can be snowing but at least it’s April!

So we aren’t even conscious of the inevitable disappointment that March brings.

Until it rolls around.

I always say…Mother Nature is a cock tease. But in the modern times of climate change we seem to have gotten her knocked up: we fucked lol.

So I invite you to join me in rebelling against this palpable lull …a much underrated gloom and doom we seem to pin on February. Well now that Spring has virtually disappeared , I ask you this:

What about SPRING FEVER????

Picture it. The horny season. All of a sudden it’s high school. For me it’s 1995. Time to break up with this boy friend. I’m feeling tingly. I’m in the need for speed dating?

No no no. I’m still in high school.

Wait…I’m in high school! God remember??? So I’m in the need to prowl. I’m in heat. Bring on the boys! And spring sprung into sprang then spiralled into summer….new boy friend by July.


It’s spring in my life. And spring fever is alive and well.

Come relive the March of old…say no to this sneaky month and take your temperature.

You Gotta fever?

The prescription is ME.

So come hither….purrrrrrrrrr. Let’s make some sunshine!

Call me or text.



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