New pics part 1

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I’m going to be writing a couple strong pieces on important subjects . So look out for them…

1. Condoms: the best ones, the Trojan myth, why 99% of men who believe they can’t wear condoms just haven’t used the right ones

2 . An exploration into back page alternatives: what happens the day bp disappears? Don’t you want thorough ads that are designed and cater to you? There are tons

3 . First time anxiety: perspectives on why it’s important not to chicken out on your first session. Q&A open on this matter

4. Other ads: a password protected look at the truth.. How can you tell who’s fake, why is she so cheap, who are you really talking to.

In addition feel free to write to me or comment in the section below and ask me to write about anything you feel is important . Text or call 917-808-7185, user the contact page or email .comment below.


The Other Services

Hey it’s been a while since you guys have been asking for Skype, text, phone sessions.

Partly because of the limited ads …

Still available!


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