Whatta week

As much as any transition can be difficult times it by infinity…when one old girl from the past shows up with promises she’s changed. And enough luggage to over welcome her stay at hello.

It’s ended with blocking, harassment and general unease knowing this girl I repped for years is out of her noggin. And not planning to change .

Now I have my place to myself. And my transition at that. Right now this is all I can write about this. Just too stressful. And I apologize for being nebulous.

It’s a rather private matter but if I could I would tell you who she is to warn you. But she uses fake pics…

Never doubt the things I say when I look out for you…

Home: E93rd and Third=HOSTING

Just moved in today!!!!!!!!!

What are you waiting for?? Book an appt I’m here!

Pic I took Monday….


This week I’m moving into my new apt on E93rd and third ave. 

I confess it will not be fully furnished these next couple weeks but we will make do. 


That succulent nipple. Craving your tongue. Your mouth. Your lips. Suck, suckle and click the center. Hear me moan. Feel my wetness. Make me crazy. Oh god I’m crazy for it now! Suck me…..