Don’t You Want Me

Should I post early? I mean…

it’s snowing…

Two cancellations. I’m alone. Are you? 

Look how lonely and hot I look….

I can shower. 

Do you want me to? 

Post early?




The $6500 Threshold

It’s right there. I’m tasting it. All you want. The stability. The safe place to go. Hosting. Incall. It’s right there. 

Tuesday is the lease signing. $500 must be paid that day. 

By Thursday…6.5k. 

Then it’s mine. It’s ours. Everything is positive. You will love my new home. 

Help me get there. 

See me? Donations? Anything. 

Help me get there. Once I am I’ll never have to go thru this again. This begging, this awful change in my business that has put a strain on me  and ON YOU!!!

Are you willing? 

PayPal offerings of anything please send as a gift to 

I’m almost there. Let’s better all of our lives and desires. 

Skype, phone, text, pics, vids for sale. The over night call. The multi hour one. The appt you haven’t made. 

I’m about to better my life. And it’ll better you! Incall coming! But I must raise this amount. 

I am honest, beautiful and ample. I give. All I do is give to you. Help me give even more. A safe place for you again  with me. 

This is a stab. I’m trying here. The deposit they’re demanding had been a shock. It’s 11k. But I cannot get my guarantor to help unless I come up with this  

A miracle. 

Help. Help me help you. X

Well…I’d love to have Christmas with you!

My stats are booming. And with the BP melt down of numbers ….why aren’t you calling?

Hate to say it guys but I’ve had one too many guys tell me my vids sufficed. 

They’re going in the password protecting section!!!

Now you’ll have to reach out you sissies  lol 

I love you guys 💜

Christmas Alone

How about you? I just took this…..

Massage Backpage

That’s where you’ll find my ad. 
You guys is coming to an end. We must go somewhere else!!! Bp sucks


Need the password to portfolio II