Part I: Back page, Bitcoin, Bull shit

I’m going to quickly attempt to answer a couple questions you may have as I know you’ve noticed seeing me less. First …the inconvenient truth. 

Here are the facts on the current and rapidly changing policies on posting an advert in the very not suitable category of “women seeking men”.
1. BP has said on numerous occasions since the adult section has closed that they BELIEVE BACK PAGE WILL NOT BE UP FOR MUCH LONGER. 

Hence the first thing they intend to do is milk this section of every penny they can by naturally raising the price of each ad. 

From$3 to now$7 this was and will change by the dollar or two and out of no where. 

We who pay for this have to allot and budget and anticipate.  It seems every time we get used to a pattern matching our advert budget it changes. 

2. Bitcoin

-not allowed in NY

-very difficult to figure out

-unpredictable as hell

-a pain in the ass

Words cannot express how I felt when I went back to back page a year ago and saw how amazing! Free ads! Nope. They’ll be published. But only accessed if searched for. 

So onto the plot to loop women who have no time …. A back page bitcoin service. Double the price but you don’t learn bitcoin. 

Quickly you invest in learning this system lol. BP phased their method out. 

So. Let’s say I buy a $100 gift card. I’ll see myself most likely with 70 in bitcoin. Of course there are two steps wallet to BP as u lose a few more bits. 

Then I end up with 65.76 ….great. 

It’s non sensical. 

3. Flagging. As most of you know I had 3 or 4 ads in rotation. One day they were gone. 

They were flagged. 

Imagine…. I know my ads are tasteful. Succinct. Discrete. I get mine flagged but under age.Asians are a plenty. Girls advertising their pussies. The emoticon innuendos…those are considered code. Then mine. Now you know me. Hmmmmmmm ?????

Losing that ad money…sigh. When you ccould only budget 4 ads let’s say. You lose 2. It’s money gone!!! It’s my ads gone!!!

4. The now:

At $7 each , the adverts now are limited to 140 characters. They’re now only up for 2 days. A lot of my business is accounted from that week long post. 

I’m very fortunate to be a minor celebrity in this nyc sect. And I’m a sought after type. Key word searches are my bread and butter. 

This is what is happening. 

Now you know. 

The real question is….where can we get you guys to search for us off BP????

We need you. 

Part II coming soon

Pics like this: can’t be seen in BP. Not these days. 

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