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Part I: Back page, Bitcoin, Bull shit

I’m going to quickly attempt to answer a couple questions you may have as I know you’ve noticed seeing me less. First …the inconvenient truth. 

Here are the facts on the current and rapidly changing policies on posting an advert in the very not suitable category of “women seeking men”.
1. BP has said on numerous occasions since the adult section has closed that they BELIEVE BACK PAGE WILL NOT BE UP FOR MUCH LONGER. 

Hence the first thing they intend to do is milk this section of every penny they can by naturally raising the price of each ad. 

From$3 to now$7 this was and will change by the dollar or two and out of no where. 

We who pay for this have to allot and budget and anticipate.  It seems every time we get used to a pattern matching our advert budget it changes. 

2. Bitcoin

-not allowed in NY

-very difficult to figure out

-unpredictable as hell

-a pain in the ass

Words cannot express how I felt when I went back to back page a year ago and saw how amazing! Free ads! Nope. They’ll be published. But only accessed if searched for. 

So onto the plot to loop women who have no time …. A back page bitcoin service. Double the price but you don’t learn bitcoin. 

Quickly you invest in learning this system lol. BP phased their method out. 

So. Let’s say I buy a $100 gift card. I’ll see myself most likely with 70 in bitcoin. Of course there are two steps wallet to BP as u lose a few more bits. 

Then I end up with 65.76 ….great. 

It’s non sensical. 

3. Flagging. As most of you know I had 3 or 4 ads in rotation. One day they were gone. 

They were flagged. 

Imagine…. I know my ads are tasteful. Succinct. Discrete. I get mine flagged but under age.Asians are a plenty. Girls advertising their pussies. The emoticon innuendos…those are considered code. Then mine. Now you know me. Hmmmmmmm ?????

Losing that ad money…sigh. When you ccould only budget 4 ads let’s say. You lose 2. It’s money gone!!! It’s my ads gone!!!

4. The now:

At $7 each , the adverts now are limited to 140 characters. They’re now only up for 2 days. A lot of my business is accounted from that week long post. 

I’m very fortunate to be a minor celebrity in this nyc sect. And I’m a sought after type. Key word searches are my bread and butter. 

This is what is happening. 

Now you know. 

The real question is….where can we get you guys to search for us off BP????

We need you. 

Part II coming soon

Pics like this: can’t be seen in BP. Not these days. 

Shout out

I.was robbed by a client Sunday night 


Shout out to jay NY grill for taking care of me!!!!

After the Rain

Real fucking good looking guy over the weekend let me tell you I gave him a good DDR discount and we had some serious fun it was great but as you will know I would never gonna not be transparent and upfront did everything I do I get off guys. Including the discussion 10 blocks from here disco has got an extra bedroom ! So we plan to go all night and then the morning go to the place right ? 
 So the hours were coming to a close we could appeal could only pay for two hours at that point so he has to we proceed and all of a sudden came he came like it comes every single time you watch that fucking episode of Seinfeld for you can’t do that on television maybe it’s a guilty pleasure like numbers place you know what’s happening. He says I thought you were digging me so I assumed you were having a Pak amigos no me of the bay . I said you realize that every single thing that I said what happened happens? This was much lost on him since he was doing Coke which by the way gotta tell you that is definitely a good reason as to why I’m in a bad pussy poor mood meet Carlos

the third one oh my god if you read it I wish you would read this was my favorite . Just kidding LOL. this was a guy that hit himself so much that the only people he could relate to what damage to little prostitutes. So of course he didn’t like what did offer me is there being back for a month and a guys that’s really all I need I need like a month or two would be awesome you know and some you know I really just need space to be able to work I do not have to work okay in your home oh my god just don’t want you to disrespect anyone I have to leave or I am not only are they kicking me out because of the fact that I’ve been asking them to for the past two years it just occurred to them that I can’t stay here and now not only have they made my life hell the minute life hell during the times that I work the midlife hell in areas that make me very healthy very okay 
 So Todd is they like to say is gone but the breaking wind getting rid of Adderall that could save my career right now, and constantly thinking that when I’m texting I’m interested in UG H 

For now the men that have lied, manipulated the situations because they actuallyn are the guys who think it’s the opposite….the stuff in say? Yup. Not true v 
I’m not your fucking damaged flunkies,I.can’t possibly say yes to”will you be my girl?” Now. 

And butty … Why? Let me guess. After I’m telling you about the fact that service is not at least till we 9n.clauses. That secure.the fact that….

 That I won’t wake up with you in my bed like I have four times in the last 18 years not because of the fact that I even thought I would get myself noticed  and e,posed. 2 times strangers. Or strange friends. 2 .ugh

Help me. 



$350 a.week

1mos,3mos. Is the goal. 


Soon I.will tell exactly what is happening. Trust…I could die..if one or two people that are around these” aides”that keep me well…

Sigh. My doctor said we are talking risk too early. 

Still sexy tho


About to add the best and newest pics to my ad on BP and oh boy..

This week a trove of assssss sssshots!!!

BTW THIS ONE IS ACTUALLY A THROW AWAY. imagine the series in it’s completion!!!!