The Deal 

So back page which is the ridiculous one stop shop I must find you all on is being very screwed up. They’re flagging all my ads. 



So please if you have arrived here you need to know a couple things right off the bat:

1  I’m outcall only

2. You must provide uber etc for me. This is a requirement

3. Pease inquire about any services you can’t find or have questions about

4. If you are on your mobile phone to get my pull down menu switch to full view at the bottom 

Thank you for your loyalty and your support. Enjoy and I hope we can come together. 

One thought on “The Deal 

  1. monroemackie September 22, 2017 / 2:56 PM

    What I cannot understand is to get the idea on how much it took to get a flagged ad off I tried myself. After 12 reports for inappropriate content(I used an ad that had a trafficked girl on it) it still didn’t come down.

    So because I’m totally unclear why I was getting my year long same AD rotations flagged now I’m like…are their 20 people seeing my ad yesterday in the span of 20 min who all of a sudden had to report me ??

    Or is this something else. For clients and regular visitors and fans of mine it doesn’t take a genius to figure out of alllllllll the shot on back page I know you all agree is generic , most likely fake, lying, illegal, etc ads I’m a rare poster who simply doesn’t have to post often because I literally get traffic off ads I post week or more ago without posting inn all that time.

    Has the planet gone insane?

    I’m a private provider who certainly doesn’t flaunt nor pussy offensive material or material that indicates any prostitution.

    But…EVERY ONE ELSE DOES!!! So what is going on???

    I plan on really working on a live that speakks to all of you about the reality of using back page.

    How?? How do we get you the clients to go else where??

    Because you know we ladies are bombarded with people sending us texts to post on their ad sites.

    Well we aren’t the ones that need to be told to post. YOU NEED TO BE TOLD WHERE TO GO SO WE CAN GET OFF BACK PAGE!!


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