I’m broke. I’m sinking. I’m in the phenomena of the “bad streak”   

Every single prospective client becomes questionable. I am unable to free myself from the anger and rage I feel from the client…that morning whom promised me a hundred times over even tho you know…You know..what will happen. And it does

Well once again I have been approved by a merchant in the mean time as I’m getting the other account set up. 

I take it all!!!!

I’m in such a crappy mood! I got scammed this morning, last night was not busy….I’m so frustrated!

Therefore I’m offering specials. Inquire!!!!!




Latest informal shoot. 8/12/17

So some of you know the sudden freak accident in my front teeth. Well tried and true… No worries. I’ll take the pain to pleasure you. 

I’m wearing some veneers. But no one can tell. Frankly without THEM you all still love me lol. 

But just wanted to fill you in that modeling will be back on board at least. 

Love me….cuz I live for you. X

I haven’t really been working too much. Just a couple regulars. Some phone and Skype sessions. 

I do like that I focus more on quality. Not quantity but I think what’s different between this and last year is this fatigue I’m going thru. 

Good news. One of the possible solutions I just started the medicine Monday. So cross your fingers. 

I’m planning to shoot some pics tomorrow. Partly for a boy who wants to bed me. But you all benefit from my personal life…no matter how much I teach you about boundaries let’s face it: I’m a product. A drug. A therapy. A medicine. 

And you all are my fodders. X