7/29: The New Ad that Back Page Would Not Publish!!

So I find it almost impossible to write an ad conveying to you why I am exactly what you need.
Not only do words fail me … How can you encapsulate all the experiences that have been sheer bliss for every client?

Look… Not every call goes well. But if there is one true thing that exists: it’s that if you are a client of mine, you are a man who has been blown away by my total 360 opposite the 0 below girls that share my profession.
Even that last sentence sounded rificulous lol.

I’m gonna give you some examples. I.have a page and section called”Testimonials” as you all see. It’s not yet configured and hasn’t yet manifested the way that section will actually work.
All my clients know I abhor reviews and for all who ask my opinion, you walk away enlightened by the simplistic obvious systematic way I explain to you is…TER or whatever.

First of all. I don’t review you. The talks about discretion and class…those go both ways. It’s rude to talk about what is a clients singular experience. You wouldn’t appreciate me doing that.

Second. It’s rigged. Sigh. I mean come on.

I’m so fortunate that I.have in my life rarely encountered these TER guys ore any man who would write a,review. My clients know I loo down on them.

You put out what you ultimately get. And I’m so fortunate that I have clients who have class and best of all their own need to experienceme…sans any opinion to sway them. It’s an insult.

In my life I’ve been reviewed. And I’m a smart  cookie. The ones that are negative (btw these reviews I.speak of have long since gone ) I know exactly who it was.

It’s always a guy who does not get everything he wants with no question. I provide services that are on all different levels. My rates are carefully thought out and for my extras …believe me those rates are DESIGNED TO KEEP US ALL DISEASE FREE, THEY SEND A MESSAGE OF THE CALCULATED EFFORT PLUS RESPECT PLUS BOUNDARIES in a, number. And I’m a veteran. Believe me if I didn’t have rates for extra services or a particular type of service… You would not respect me nor would you feel safe.

Boundaries are one of the things my clientele pay for.

So one guy was a taker. He described my then apt so inaccurately it was priceless.
The arrogance. The nonchalant lazy way about it…

At points in my life when i was working …. I struggled with a plethora of health issues, medication changes, …i didn’t always have a, good day.
I’ll never forget this: i had to go on a course of prednisone. This is a vile pill that although is widely used for so many things …it’s one of the worst things to be on.
It’s a steroid. Treating  Anything from pain, severe allergies…in my case, to mountains of disorders this drug lowers your immune systems guards. The first line of defense is obliterated by prednisone making you susceptible to any illness. I couldn’t leave my home.
The other thing was it produced on my flawless skin a patchy beard of barnacle acne. Omg. I’d never ever been thru anything like that.
Well Mr. Taker commented that my claims of beauty were nil for up close my skin reflected so poorly i was called a liar.

Lol. You know i didn’t have any fun with that guy. But that’s not the worst thing that can happen in my job. What made him so awful was that he was pushing for more more more. And i as i said I’ve designed carefully my boundaries and how money plays a part in creating them too. This guy is one out of over 1500 men I’ve seen in 18 years.


You know what? I actually have been known to..well that means I do…I turn away prospective clients who cite reviews , ask for them, bring them up. I tell them” I’m sorry I don’t believe this will work out. Please understand I see confident men who are secure in their own choices. I simply cannot respect you because you consider them  a priority …other opinions that are fake and baseless and useless…you need a girl who needs that meriting. There are a million of those. Don’t mind her tears  .. After all we are just victims huh?” Tee heee happy is the day is long that I’m a woman who adores herself. Ugh take down the crucifix girls your clients need that woodlol

But wait….I thought the reviews were good! He says

” h uhh h??? Well idk if they are or what. But I don’t see followers. And I don’t see men who need a review of a girl he wants to be with as that directly indicates you’re insecure and boring.

Now go find a girl who needs her father’s approval I’m gonna go back to my life and living it”
You know. A year ago when after I took that 3 year sabbatical and was going to retire… I went back into this. But I did full well knowing that something had changed.

I cannot at this time indulge you with this.

But I never thought… The culmination of a milestone epiphany on myself in relation to intimacy, the calm and patience renewed after I’d endured such a chaotic spin into 3 years of having no privacy not a thing to my name…

I am truly better at this than I ever have been ever in my life. And I’ve always been a very popular, favored, incorrigible escort sought after.

Not only did things fall into place in regards to settling back into a profession I loved and hated … I no longer hated it. Mind you I only hated the terrible things about this industry.

But all of a sudden I was unraveling what would become the loneliest feeling ever… I love being a provider. I’m good at it. I’ve proven I can succeed in a career. But …

Where is any girl…any soul….who is like me in this business?

I’m saying a, lot. Stupid shit. I’m gonna prolly edit this a ton. So soak it in. Lol

To touch on the testimonials section I’ve discussed with most of my clients how exactly I approach this.

It is gauche to ask the very men I protect from being burdened by obligation and frivolous endeavors to sit down and write something.

It also obviously contradicts the entire point. My clients and I are not into reviews. I think I drive that point in hard. Lol


After talking to a few regs and a few newbies… I ran by them one idea.
And that is coming soon in the Testimonials section of my site. Wink.

Oh btw. Here is my new ad.
the only way to begin this ad…is to say this:

btw that won’t be the only time I say that. lol
At 38 a successful “lady” for 18 years means something. it means I actually love what I do, I am great at it, I’m one of the very few if only sane and healthy women on here.
What my philosophies always come down to is honesty, trust, class, boundaries, premium health, respect for my clients and my self. Most of all though…I am your fantasy babe. I am the one hidden underneath your mattress. I’m the chick who will make sure that you feel like the only man that exists on this earth when we are together.
if you  want to experience THE BEST DATE YOU’LL EVER HAVE, if you are particular and have standards. if you want to feel safe and experience what it is to be with the pro who is exemplary in every way and exceptional in all my areas of expertise…
Then you’re ready to see me.
the following info is additional things you need to know that we can discuss:

I am not only a provider I’m a porn model, I have the perfect bbw body, g cups, full round bottom, gorgeous skin and unusually beautiful face
I also provide services for fetishes, taboo and TABOO role play,otk and corporal pNShmnt, financial domme and black mail,

the complete M O M M Y MILF fantasy , the ideal sub,, couples, and I do some specialty work with this whoM suffer from dysdunction and tragedy

educated witty. I’m no bore.
multiple hours, party specials, overnights.
calling or texting is basically the best next step lol.
all pics are real. do not ask for pics.
additionally: Skype, text, phone,snap chat sessions an option.

welcome to satisfaction GUARANTEED.


3 thoughts on “7/29: The New Ad that Back Page Would Not Publish!!

    • monroemackie December 24, 2017 / 10:26 AM

      I just was texting with a guy who was convincing me I’ve never truly experienced real pleasure. It eludes me that someone could be that stupid. Truly.


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