Credit Cards Finally Accepted!!!!

Oh my wonderful men. 

After the pain and anguish I’ve endured the last three weeks after a phone hack caused a domino effect in secure apps, I must say I’m still not yet whole again 

Those who know me know my history with banning pay pal. For good reason. I’ve been scammed by them. Or I should say I was scammed and rather than support me and cover me and protect me….like a bank or CC company does….they left me high and dry. With my dick out. Basically. As a well respected collector a client paid me in ebay purchases only to report every single item as fraud. Obviously his CC company issued him hiss money. But pay pal…..did they cover me from his fraud against me? Nope. 

They not only did not protect me. They took every payment made to every seller and refunded it back to the pay pal company. Because that’s what they do. No matter what happens to you…like case in point fraud against me…if it even causes paypal to lose money they recoup by fucking me and my sellers. 

That was a nightmare. 

I reluctantly opened a very basic business pp account forYOU guys. I decided it would only be used as a conduit to transfer your CC payments to my bank. 

The phone hack occurred for 32 hours. And in that time they made 500 dollar purchases to uber and lyft and then proceeded to refund 3 vey generous clients. All in all a person who never over draws, never uses pay pal to buy….was missing 2500. 

For two weeks I fought. My bank gave me everything. Paypal literally lied to be every single time I.called 

Reporting this fraud wasn’t enough.  Their system collects money. So even after it is done and decided it’s fraud THEY CONTINUE TO ATTEMPT TO COLLECT THE MONEY ON THE FRAUDULENT PURCHASES!!!!

In what realm of reality does this exist?

Today…. After issuing me 400 credit to take the hit in my account for the uber they’ve taken the credit back twice…TO PAY FOR THE UBER PURCHASE!!!!!

So. Believers in paypal..I don’t wish anything bad on you..But I hope you find out why this company is immoral and horrible. 

Shopping for merchant accounts for high risk business…. God I think it’s a quality required for these people to be naturally pushy and annoyed if you don’t go at their pace. 

I’ve rested finally on  a simple solution that was always there…I just needed to really rediscover it. 

So. Credit cards accepted!!!!
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