The Prisoner of “Hizdiman”

So something happened to today that was so monumentally despicable that it makes you question humanity. No…i didn’t have donald trump as a client. Tbh for legal reasons…i am not yet site HOW gonna talk about this too you my most TRUSTED adoring clients,fans,and general peeps.

I can tell you i decided not to work tonight because i didn’t want this horrific happening to spoil or spill onto my work nor my client. Nothing worse than a provider feeling cuckoo bananas.

Instead i decided to ask out a boy who wanted to just give to me sexually and emotionally. He is not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed but he listens,doesnt judge and is smart in his own way . Very lovely to look at. Blue collar and thank God it doesn’t always seem he really knows what I’m talking about because i need a serious sweetheart that wants to worship and pleasure me let me text him when i need to without thinking in trying to cling.


It’s 2 hours later. He was finding a bathroom. He’s a mason. He’s 30. He’s eye and arm candy. And boy does  he listen. He suckled me so good i got so wet. Omg. I was able to almost let go. And baby i plan to when i get him alone in a room with a bed.

Made me forget about the happening. This thing is so awful it is “he who should not be named ” in the style of Harry Potter. My ex isnt smart enough to be Valdemort. But what he  is doing is evil. So we will call it Valdemort. He was like my prison. Not in a dramatic way. After all i was there willingly most of the time. Hopefully we wont have to talk too much about this prison i will call Hizdiman.

My new sweet hot young lover shall be called Potter. And i of course ..since my step sister called me this years ago as she read the series, forever i remain: Sirius Black.


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