Hard and Good

I’m sitting here having a horrible night. And I’m finding myself so terrified to express it.

Basically things are going great. But i did something last night that totally screwed with my body. I have no idea why i decided to do some drugs last night! I’m not talking party. I’m fine with that. But I’m on suboxene now. I had this awesome day. And i decided to go alone in my room and snort dope. Why???? I feel awful on it. It wasn’t that great.

The truth is i know why. But i can’t tell you. All i can say is …well…lol i habe no interest in doing it ever again. Maybe that’s why i did it. Years ago i did it for like 2 weeks. Nonintroveinously. I mean yeara ago.

Now i know. I’m quite done with all this. I like tge suboxene. Partying once in a while it’s cool too. The occasional glass of sharazz. But the era of self destructing is….over.

So now i get to just wait till it’s out of my system. I wasn’t high for very long. But anyone who knows me knows I’m prone to nightmares. And i had a few. I need to be resting up. I have some serious gang calls this week. You know what i mean. And I’ve got myself a new guy. Woo hoo.

Sigh. At least now i know.20170410_154829.jpg

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