New year

New year’s Eve is not going to be spent with my boyfriend, Fire, and his huge cock and delicious lips. This is the third holiday he had ruined. My birthday being the first, Christmas and now because of a tooth ache he had gone to bed. 

But alas… Wait! I’m not front to depress anyone nor myself. This means I’m working. That’s a good thing right? 

I’m finding I’m having more fun with clients than I am with Fire. I’m finding my sub girlfriend ,Maria, a nurse at Bellevue , more appealing these days. I say her name and occupation openly as she gets off on exposure. 

My blog posts are always written of the moment. Back in my first blog the highly followed The Pink Courtesan, going back 6 years, a lot of readers, prospective clients people who don’t know me, made the odd assumption that what I write dictates my mood. Furthermore the assumption that I actually lingered in my more poor moments and would Express concern! 

To know me is to know I am a rare species… One who changes mood so quickly and goes into such extremes that if yesterday I was suffering a tragedy and believe me I will express it in ways that you’d believe it really was the end of me, to the sheer joyous moments that I brag about to a boy or girl I Am interested in at that moment you’ll believe I’m in love with…

Well welcome to me: it’ll be old news in five minutes! Nothing ever stays with me. Perhaps because my appreciation for life and it’s treasured moments are so respected I’ve no time to linger. Chalk it up to innate mental illness that yields extreme black and white thinking. 

I am as much in love as I am in hate and you will find my moods and posts realities that you may even try to comfort me upon meeting me. 

Save it. 

Please know one thing about me. I post what is in the moment.

Pardon me… In this moment my girlfriend had just texted… And I’m going to go see now what I must do to appease her angry snatch..X

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