So here they are. All my newest pics. I really wish I could give you booty shots! But I’m alone. Lol 

update on Port II

Please note: when you highlight the Portfolio II page please read both pages that explain the new rules of the section. I have begun to add in very personal porn pics that are already paid for by clients and even things from my personal life.

I highly recommend the new payment of $10 dollars being a sound investment!!!

You pay for the password and access and its not hard to pay. Thank you!

Never Forget


this image! thanks for your patience on my construction of the site

My girlfriend

My girl friend…well… She’s really my sub, likes to play games. She is very obsessed with me posting pics. So she wants to be punished. Here’s her punishment. Enjoy. This is copyrighted under Precious-Things©

Me.. Tonight. Pic just taken…